'Wealth Management' is a distinct field of practice through which qualified financial professionals assist clients achieve their goals and objectives related to the accumulation, protection, and distribution of capital.

  John H Bishop , Certified Public Accountant (USA), Chartered Professional Accountant: Chartered Accountant (Canada)

John H Bishop, Certified Public Accountant (USA), Chartered Professional Accountant: Chartered Accountant (Canada)

We Design Investment Portfolios to Generate Ongoing Increasing Income/Cash Flow Streams + Compound Capital Appreciation + With Reduced Risk/Volatility.  

We are Fiduciaries.  We Represent Your Financial Interests.  We are Independent and Objective. 

Domestic and Foreign Investment Portfolios Optimized for Tax Efficiency.

John H Bishop, CPA is our leader.  Much of John's success can be attributed to his unwavering integrity, discipline, technical competence, and commitment to excellence.  He has been a trusted advisor to numerous corporate and individual clients over the decades.

Mr. Bishop obtained much of his financial expertise whilst with the professional services firm of Ernst & Young; at their Toronto, Ontario, and Silicon Valley, California offices.

John H Bishop is a Certified Public Accountant (USA), and a Chartered Professional Accountant: Chartered Accountant (Canada), and is the leader of 'Wellington Capital Advisors, LLC'.